Pentagon's UFO report: no evidence of extraterrestrials, but can't eliminate the possibility either

Later this month, the Pentagon will release a report containing "a detailed analysis of unidentified aerial phenomena data and intelligence" collected by the US Office of Naval Intelligence, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, and the FBI. According to the New York Times, the report indicates that there's no evidence that numerous strange aerial objects spotted by Navy pilots were spacecraft from other worlds. Bummer. That said, the report apparently does say that whatever the pilots saw, it likely was not advanced US technology. From the New York Times:

…Senior officials briefed on the intelligence conceded that the very ambiguity of the findings meant the government could not definitively rule out theories that the phenomena observed by military pilots might be alien spacecraft[…]

The report concedes that much about the observed phenomena remains difficult to explain, including their acceleration, as well as ability to change direction and submerge. One possible explanation — that the phenomena could be weather balloons or other research balloons — does not hold up in all cases, the officials said, because of changes in wind speed at the times of some of the interactions[…]

Many of the more than 120 incidents examined in the report are from Navy personnel, officials said. The report also examined incidents involving foreign militaries over the last two decades. Intelligence officials believe at least some of the aerial phenomena could have been experimental technology from a rival power, most likely Russia or China.

One senior official briefed on the intelligence said without hesitation that U.S. officials knew it was not American technology. He said there was worry among intelligence and military officials that China or Russia could be experimenting with hypersonic technology.