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ProWritingAid isn't just a copy editing program. It's a true guide to becoming a better writer.

While the services of a trained and experienced editor to help correct errors and smooth out copy is worth its weight in gold, their talents aren't just about fixing typos and adjusting tense agreements. Great editors are also collaborators, serving as a sounding board for the author to bring up the stuff a writer might not always see on their own.

And it probably wouldn't hurt if that editor came with a boatload of essays and other learning materials to back up their points and win over a skeptical scribe or two at the same time. 

Writers can add that magical editor to their payroll now in the form of The Award-Winning ProWritingAid Lifetime Subscription Bundle

If you've never heard of ProWritingAid, you're behind the curve. With over 2 million writers already on board, ProWritingAid serves as that ultimate backstop that every writer needs now and again.

Powered by artificial intelligence, ProWritingAid stays perched on your shoulder throughout the writing process, analyzing text and highlighting any writing issues that come up along the way. While helpful, that's nothing incredibly special. Most programs can spot and fix spelling errors, adjust punctuation, or even spot a dangling participle when it saunters by.

But ProWritingAid goes further. In addition to offering thousands of grammar, spelling, and readability improvements in real-time as you write, this service also comes ready to run any of 20 different in-depth reports on your prose. 

With a button press, ProWritingAid examines some of those deeper writing issues that slip past most automated — and even most human — editors. That includes reports analyzing your use of repetition, vague word usage, sentence length, passive voice, adverbs, and a bunch more.

By calling out your writing tendencies and (let's call 'em what they are) bad habits, ProWritingAid doesn't just fix your work, it puts those issues front and center in your mind, which will almost automatically make you a better writer.

But wait…that's not all. Along with a lifetime of ProWritingAid assistance, this package also comes with all the resources of ProWritingAid University at your disposal. 

FIlled with self-paced courses, live training workshops, and actual support, it's like grad school writer's training whenever you need it. With courses like Outlining Your Novel and Editing Your Manuscript as well as live monthly writing challenges with daily exercises, this is a community that can help keep your writing as sharp and focused as possible.

The Award-Winning ProWritingAid Lifetime Subscription Bundle is a nearly $1,900 value, but with this deal, it's available now for only $199.
Prices are subject to change.

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