Setapp has all the best Mac and iOS apps together in one place, all for less than $70

Apps. We love 'em. But man, we're really, really fickle about 'em too.

As a planet, we downloaded 218 billion apps last year. But once we've got 'em…well, that's another story entirely. Only 1 in 4 app users come back to an app the day after they downloaded it. That number drops to under 10 percent after the two-week mark. And 25 percent of apps never get opened again

One reason that app apathy sets in is simple — lots of apps don't deliver on the ultra-high expectations of users; aka, all of us. 

For Mac, iPhone, iPad, and other iOS device users, that's a lot of trial, error, and flat out mistakes made around the decision to download an app. Users just want an app that works well and does the job they need doing. Setapp is a service that understands this — and they've curated an armada of top-flight Mac and iOS apps so users don't have to guess about which ones are good or not. With Setapp, you know.

Setapp is sort of like the Roger Ebert of the app world, inspecting and grading each app, then pulling out only the best of the best and adding them to the Setapp stable. As a Setapp member, that makes all those apps — now more than 210 pro-grade, fully functioning apps in all — available to users for immediate download whenever they're needed.

Users can find maintenance apps like Get Backup Pro for fully protected file backups, or personal finance aids like MoneyWiz to keep a household budget in line. There's Luminar, a powerful AI-driven photo editor; and there's also Ulysses, for those who could use some help writing their first novel.

Across more than a dozen different categories, Setapp apps are always unlocked premium-level versions with none of the ads, in-app purchases, and other distractions you'll often find in free apps.

Setapp apps are always premium-level tools, always free of ads, in-app purchases, or other junk that can show up in free versions. 

Right now, first-time users can get a taste of why Setapp has a "cult following" according to CNBC, with a one-year subscription at almost half off the regular price. Usually $119, get 12 months of service now for only $69.

Prices are subject to change.