Watch a delivery person stand up for their right to deliver a package without harassment

This brave and awesome delivery person knows his rights and stands up for himself and everyone else.

Why this delivery guy can't just go about his day, delivering Narcan by bike in San Francisco, instead of being harassed I do not know. It is really amazing that this is still going on. The speaker is absolutely right and "John" should get a talking to by the cops.


We have the handy 'Karen' moniker for white women who pull this shit, and a number of readers have written in about how unfair it is we don't use some standard label for the guys. I have seen other editors use 'Darin.' Be assured we just share these events as we receive them and do not claim to a statistically significant sample of the landscape.

I am sure the Darin/Karen ratio is not accurately represented on Boing Boing but feel safe in knowing there are large numbers of white U.S. citizen who dangerously harass their neighbors due to their skin color. We are not trying to make Karen or Darin look worse than the other.