For under $35, this Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse might change your mind about how you compute

As much as you love your computer, you can be honest here and just admit it — you kinda hate your keyboard.

Don't be afraid to say it. For most manufacturers, keyboards are definitely a lost art, often just a cheap, plastic plank with keys to get your basic computing work done. Of course, they don't often generate a lot of hate because they often don't last all that long. Since most of the keyboards that come with standard modern-day computers are crafted with cheap parts and zero eye toward durability and superior function, they can start getting wonky in a matter of months, let alone a year, five years, or even longer.

And yeah…that wired connection isn't doing you any favors either.

The Logitech MK825 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse is a serious next-level upgrade to your current system accessories, a refurbished pair that offer a combination of sound construction and spirited performance that makes them a winner for nearly any machine in need of a boost.

While there's never a one-size-fits-all answer for the very idiosyncratic user-keyboard relationship, the MK825 has plenty of pluses that can help the love grow. A full-sized board with well-crafted key mechanisms, this model is designed with a power user in mind. 

The keyboard itself includes a cushioned palm rest that works with the slightly curved keyframe to offer a very ergonomic feel to your computing. Meanwhile, the mouse is a winner too, a contoured right-handed shell that includes an ultra-precise scroll wheel for zipping quickly through documents and web pages. 

Sporting a battery life of up to 36 months, both the keyboard and mouse connect via either USB receiver or Bluetooth and can pair automatically with up to two devices. And speaking of connectivity, the multi-device, multi-OS friendly array has real shift-on-the-fly adjustability, able to toggle quickly and seamlessly between a handful of devices like your computer, tablet, or phone.

This tandem has lived some life before, but they've both been carefully tested and found to be in near-mint condition with almost zero instances of scratches or scuffing.

The Logitech MK825 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse normally retail for $99, but as part of this package, you can pick up the pair now for a whole lot less at just $34.99.

Prices are subject to change.