These grills, knives, and other kitchen steals are all Father's Day must-haves

Father's Day doesn't have to just be about Dad, you know. Of course, it wouldn't be bad to show the old man some love on his big day. But if Father's Day can also turn into a big day for you too, well, you wouldn't be opposed to that, right? With that in mind, here's a way to help any culinary-minded Dad up his kitchen game — and in the process, feeding you some amazing new drinks and meals.

Right now, all 20 of these coffee makers, kitchen appliances, grill accessories, knives, and other food prep aids are on sale. And as part of the Boing Boing Father's Day Sale, you can save an extra 20 percent off any of these items. Just use the code WELOVEDAD during checkout to get the additional savings. 

Coffee and espresso makers

Dublin Stainless Steel French Press – $37.56 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $59

For under $40, this stainless steel, double-wall insulated press looks like it costs a lot more. Designed to brew to just the right temperature, the insulation in this press keeps a brew hot three times longer than lesser makers. And its 34 oz. capacity can whip up two to three large cups per batch so Dad can power through his morning. 

Milano Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Maker – $48 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $60

Crafted to brew on virtually any stovetop surface, including glass induction, this durable stainless steel maker is no regular coffee maker. With quality construction in addition to brewing up to 6 cups per batch, this premium maker brews a thicker, richer stovetop espresso than those traditional percolator models.

Royal Brew Nitro Coffee Maker – $103.99 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $179

For fans of cold brew, this system can help Dad bump it up a notch for some nitro. This maker pumps in nitrous oxide or nitrogen to the brewing process, which cuts down on acidity, creates a Guinness-style cold brew froth and gives the joe a seriously unique taste. And it's naturally sweet, so no need for sugar or dairy either.

Gourmia GCM7800 Brewdini 5-Cup Cold Brew Coffee Maker – $111.99 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $149

Speaking of cold brews, regular cold brews usually take as much as 24 hours before Dad's ready to drink. With the sneaky vacuum tech inside the Brewdini, you can set the brew strength through the unit's LCD display, then watch as the cold brew process that should take a full day happens while you watch in only minutes.

Sirena Prestige Espresso Machine – $231.20 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $289

Speed is also the name of the game with this Sirena model, which can take a double espresso from zero to ready in just 90 seconds. With a twin brewing array as well as a solid milk frother, the Prestige has your long-term pleasure in mind, regulating the built-in cup warmer so you're never stuck drinking lukewarm coffee or espresso.

Seven and Me Coffee Espresso Maker – $255.96 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $359

An iF Design award winner, the Seven and Me is a dual-function espresso maker and milk frother sporting five pre-programmed brewing modes to whip up just about anything, including a creamy latte, a silky cappuccino, a more robust macchiato, or an espresso with a kick. The brewing time, pressure, and heating are all perfectly controlled so you get a consistently great coffee with each brew.

Kitchen favorites

Gourmia GTF7350 6-in-1 Multi-Function Stainless Steel Air Fryer Oven – $71.99 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $89

Join the air frying craze with this air fryer/oven/jack-of-all trades with six different cooking functions, including baking, broiling, toasting, warming, and more. This unit features Gourmia's patented FryForce 360° technology, which generates a powerful cyclonic heat flow that pushes air across the heating elements to expertly crisp your fries, fish, chicken, or other tasty morsels.

Sous°V Pot Precision Sous Vide Multi-Cooker – $88.80 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $129

Maybe Dad is ready to try sous vide cooking, which drops vacuum-sealed food in a precision heated water bath for a perfect slow cook. This multi-cooker uses DualAccuTemp technology for perfectly even cooking temperatures so every item gets just the cook it needs. Whether he's sauteing, cooking rice, steaming, boiling, or even making yogurt, Dad will definitely find some fun new adventures here.

The grill and beyond

O-Yaki Perfectly Portable Grill Set – $35.19 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $59

Here's everything Dad needs to do a backyard grill session right from top to bottom. This collection features a pair of tongs, a carving fork, a carving knife, skewers, a spatula, and a basting brush, with everything arrayed in a compact, carrying case. Made from food-grade, dishwasher-safe stainless steel, this kit will definitely get Dad experimenting, and that's all the better for you.

AirProbe2 with Charging Dock – $54.39 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $79

The dual-sensor probe makes sure Dad never has to guess again about the temperature of the grill or whether meat is fully cooked. This probe charges in five minutes and can last for up to 12 hours, syncing with a phone to get a precise read on the current temperature of the cooking chamber or the meat. And if Dad is ready to cook his own rotisserie chicken, this is the instrument to make sure he nails it.

Fremont Wood Fire Pizza Oven – $223.20 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $368

The double-layered, wood-burning pizza oven is not only portable, but it can also fire up to a scorching 800 degrees to turn out an evenly cooked homemade pizza in about 5 minutes. While pizza is its main passion, this pellet oven is just as at home tackling meats too, grilling up steak, fish, lamb chops, burgers, and more with precision. 

Z Grills 6002E Ultimate Flame Pellet Grill – $303.20 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $429

Grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, braising, and more, this barbecue wood fire pellet grill does it all. With the expandable upper warming rack, this grill gives Dad over 570 square inches of cooking surface to do his thing, all while the PID technology precisely maintains the temperature between 180 to 450°F for the most consistent cooking possible. There's even a galvanized bucket to catch all the drippings and keep all those grease stains off Dad's patio — because that would be a dealbreaker.

Firepod Bundle: Portable Multi-Functional Pizza Oven and Griddle – $335.99 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $498

A true Transformer of a pizza oven, this modular tool can cook a pizza, then shift to serves as a BBQ, a hot rock oven, or even a camping stove if that's Dad's thing. He not only gets the Firepod, but this bundle also includes a reversible cast iron griddle and skillet for even more adventurous backyard or even wilderness cooking.

Otto Lite Professional 1,500°F Steak Grill – $559.20 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $899

Dad's eyes are going to pop just looking at the specs, which can be expected considering the Otto Lite can go from zero to a scalding 1,500°F in just three minutes. The twin simultaneously controlled radiant infra-red burners offer an ultra-precise control over temperatures, while the OverFire burners cook from above, eliminating flare-ups or nasty charring.


Angle Pro Knife Sharpener with Angle Gauge – $55.99 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $199

Who needs a professional knife sharpener? This tool measures the exact angle of a blade, hones and straightens it, then three diamond wheels sharpen the blade to a razor-thin edge. With the Angle Pro, Dad will never have to turn over his knives to a professional ever again — he can just do it himself. 

Thai Chefs Moon Knife – $47.99 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $70

Sure, it has a unique look and feel, but the Thai Chefs Moon Knife from Verve Culture is all business. This carbon steel blade comes from the heart of Thailand, with over 200 years of knife-making tradition behind it. A heavy-duty blade designed for cutting pork sections, this knife is also ready for some of the kitchen's toughest jobs for cutting through a watermelon or coconut, even through bone. 

Damasukasu Japanese 3-Piece Master Chef Hanshu Knife Set – $55.99 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $299

There won't be much Dad can't slice up with this carbon-rich, steel-bladed 3-piece set. It comes with a 7-inch Nakiri vegetable knife, an 8.5-inch slicing knife, and a 5-inch utility knife, each full-tang, triple-riveted, and nitrogen cooled for enhanced hardness and flexibility. 

Ronco 20-Piece Knife Set with Hardwood Block – $59.99 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $129

If three precision knives are great, 20 is even better. This set includes all the specialty cooking knives that no one has until now, like showtime, chop and serve, bread, cheese, sportsman, rocker, and saw knives, among several others. And they're all housed in an attractive hardwood knife block that'll give Dad's kitchen an air of real professionalism.

Precision Professional 4-Piece Knife Set – $71.92 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $99

From one of the world's most innovative chef knife brands, Edge of Belgravia's Precision Collection features a futuristic bold design with some brilliantly honed, easy-to-sharpen stainless steel blades. Dad can use the extra-large chef knife and a bread knife for the big jobs, then throttle back to the smaller blades for filleting and deboning fish, cutting salmon or cured meat in the thinnest of slices, and more.

Kiritsuke Damascus Petty: Handmade Japanese Style Utility Knife – $84.79 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $199

If you want to get Dad that lone blade that can become the real centerpiece of his entire kitchen arsenal, this 5-inch Damascus style blade may just be the one. Forged from hardened steel that holds its razor-sharp edge, this blade has the signature Kiritsuke (K-tip) point that brings sword-like performance to chopping and slicing.

Prices subject to change.