The Simple One-Hitter and Dugout make quick, on-the-go smoking easier than ever

It's a new day for herb smoking. Nobody wants to just carry around a dirty, smelly old pipe anymore. Now that quick hit pipes are everywhere, smokers are looking for subtle, compact, yet efficient means of getting their smoke on that also look upscale and respectable.

The Simple One-Hitter and Dugout tandem are a decidedly modern approach to lighting up while on the go, a tidy package built for both easy portability and for producing a quality smoking experience whenever you want one.

Together, the One-Hitter and Dugout are about the size of a portable power bank — and it basically looks like one too. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum with a Type II anodized finish, the Dugout is less than half an inch wide, making it easy to slip into a pocket and not feel like you're carrying around a brick all day.

It's also made to survive everything the real world has to throw at it, built for maximum durability so it won't ever crack or shatter when dropped. Users can pack the Dugout with up to 2 grams of herb for simple mobile use. 

As for the One-Hitter itself, it's been designed using inert aluminum with a patent-pending airflow technology that dissipates heat for smoother hits. The adjustable slide lets users choose between four different bowl sizes ranging from 0.01 grams up to 0.20 grams so they can also measure the size of their hit.

Users can scoop the herb right from the Dugout into the One-Hitter, fix the slider setting, light up, and breathe. That pulls the flame into the chamber, igniting the contents for the perfectly-sized draw each smoker wants. Once they're done, users can move the slider toward empty, pushing out any leftover ash and thoroughly prepping the One-Hitter for another round.

Powerful, rare earth neodymium magnets secure the cap in place while protecting the herbs while traveling. Smokers can also use the included poker to easily unscrew the slider and disassemble the One-Hitter for a full cleaning whenever needed.

Retailing for $50, the Simple One-Hitter and Dugout Bundle is on sale now at 30 percent off the regular price, down to just $34.95.

Prices subject to change.