Zig Zag is an electrifying new sci-fi zine

Zig Zag is an electrifying new sci-fi zine by British artist Will Sweeny. I love his alien-like creatures paired with the glowing, psychedelic color palette of his drawings.

This trippy story is about "the evolution of The Mindseye Trooper, a mechanical secret agent constructed in a remote lab and piloted by an imp spawned from an extraterrestrial fungus. From embryonic zombie to powerful hero, The Trooper must infiltrate an alternate dimension in which a brutal tyrant has terrorized the inhabitants and dispensed psychoactive justice. Along the way, he meets a Witchdoctor who gifts him a mysterious weapon, and a priestess who unites the disparate aspects of his personality. [Fantagraphics].

In my opinion, this description is just one out of many possible ways to read the story — the wordlessness of this 20-page story allows me to create my own narrative as a reader. As a lifelong fan of Jim Woodring (who creates incredible wordless comics), I've always appreciated the fun I can have projecting my own stories onto comics that have no words, so I enjoyed this aspect of Zig Zag.

If you would like a copy, you can get one here. Check out Will Sweeny's instagram page for more of his artwork.