GOP Rep. Mo Brooks tweets his Gmail password for all to see

Rep. Mo Brooks (R–AL), who was served with a lawsuit by Rep. Eric Swalwell (D–CA) over the weekend for his involvement in the Capitol insurrection, idiotically shared his Gmail password, as well as a pin number, in a Twitter rant. Livid that a process server handed the papers to his wife (Brooks had been evading the process server since March), he tweeted that his house was broken into and wife was "accosted," along with a photo of his monitor to show an Alabama code for 1st degree criminal trespass. In his fury, however, he didn't think to edit out the foolishly displayed password right on the bottom of his monitor.

From Daily Dot:

The apparent passwords were for "Gmail" and a "Pin."

In the tweet that showed his passwords, Brooks did not add a period in front of Swalwell's Twitter handle, making it appear like a reply. Around two hours after sending that original tweet, Brooks wrote a new tweet that said the the exact same thing, just adding a period before Swalwell's handle.

The new tweet included a new picture of his monitor showing the code for criminal trespass in Alabama, but he cropped out the bottom of his monitor where the taped passwords were.