Racist Karen from viral May incident is recognized and teased

Remember the racist Karen last month who lied about being assaulted by two Black woman after one of them dropped her portable charger? The Karen who took the dropped charger, threatened to call the police, and lied to bystanders that the women "are threatening me, and they are going to kill me"?

She apparently hasn't learned a thing, according to the video below posted by @thebadmanswag on TikTok. This time, as she is screaming and crying into her phone in another language, she walks by a group of bystanders and says something that sounds like "I am not Black." But it's not clear if she has actually switched to English or if she is just saying something that sounds like English.

Either way, one of the bystanders sees her and shouts "Racist?" And rather than disagree, she incredibly turns around and says, "I am racist. I am not Hispanic," as if she's defending herself. The bystander, who by now obviously recognizes her as last month's celebrity Karen, gets in the last jab as she scuttles away, shouting, "You dropped your charger! You dropped your charger!"


Y'all remember Karen frond downtown?!? Well she back at it again πŸ˜‚ #stopasianhate #blm #bronx #bx #nyc #newyork #karen #racist #fyp #fouryourpage

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