Watch squirrel enjoy bounty of nuts after it sets off Rube Goldberg machine

Creezy on YouTube says he had to wait 14 hours before a squirrel finally went for the bait – nuts glued onto a domino – setting off this backyard Rube Goldberg "chain reaction machine." Creezy hid in the bushes, shooing away birds and other curious critters that were about to "trigger the machine instead," when this curious squirrel finally came along. The prize at the end of the chain was a large bin full of nuts and seeds dumped onto a platform for the squirrel to gorge on. Of course other critters, including a bird and raccoon, finally joined in and took their share of the bounty. I only wish there weren't any editing cuts, which would have turned a fun video into an amazing one.

Here is a much simpler version, created in 2017, that Creezy posted to his Instagram: