Save over $175 on this extended pop-up car tent for Father's Day

The road beckons. By this point in June, especially following the past year, it's practically calling out your name We're all itching to get out of our houses and go somewhere. In many cases, that can even mean just getting in the car and driving. But sometimes, you might not even know where you're driving to, but when you're packing a handy addition like the Extended Pop-Up Car Tent from Invictusedge, the end destination doesn't matter quite so much. It's on sale right now for $249.95, but with this Father's Day deal, you can save an additional 20% off the sale price when you use WELOVEDAD at checkout

This pop-up tent essentially turns the back of any vehicle with a flip-up rear door into its own cozy, portable extra cabin that you can unfurl and erect virtually anywhere. Made from an aluminum metal frame and heavy-duty PVC covering, this tent expands off the back of the vehicle, standing over 6 feet high. It's also wide enough to set up a table and chairs for lounging or having a meal, for setting up a bed to sleep under the stars, or just as a normal room environment in the middle of nowhere.

Crafted using a standard double sewing technique that ensures durability and sturdiness, the tent uses mesh windows and doors to maintain full ventilation while also offering a gorgeous view of your surroundings. But since you're also outside, those portals are also covered with mosquito netting that keeps creepy crawlies out of your space.

Storage pockets inside the tent can hold some of your most important valuables like your wallet or phone. Meanwhile, the space itself is large enough to accommodate two or three adults, or parents and a couple of kids, so you can dive into the middle of a camping excursion at a moment's notice. Meanwhile, the whole structure sets up and folds back down easily, weighing less than 20 lbs. and only occupying a few feet of trunk space when it's packed up into a covering its case.

Normally, the Invictusedge Extended Pop-Up Car Ten costs $379, but you can purchase it for only $199.96 using Father's Day coupon code: WELOVEDAD.

Prices subject to change.