Take this "Lying on the Internet" class to be your very best on social media

Welcome to Lying on the Internet, a creative writing class taught by Mr. Ronnie. This no-BS nuts and bolts class doesn't teach you "that stupid bullshit where you learn how to write a stupid poem or something." But rather, it teaches you how to level up in the world of social media, or "creative writing you actually need to learn: lying on the internet."

Mr. Ronnie will teach you how to compose posts for every important social media platform, from Instagram to Yelp to Twitter in order to build a better online you. This includes writing good captions, creatively stretching (fabricating) the truth, recreating yourself with just a little imagination, creating jubilant customers if you're a business owner, and so much more. Because, as Mr. Ronnie says, "Let's face it, how you come across online is way more important than how you come across in real life."

Although a satirical Daily Show sketch that is funny, it's also horrifying how comedian Ronnie Chieng's social media "writing" tips are right on.