The sister she never met shares some uncanny similarities

Victoria Vorhees knew she was adopted but it wasn't until she took a 23andMe DNA test that she discovered she had a long-lost sister. She contacted Alyss Revae through the site and chatted and eventually the two had a call with their biological mother.

"I showed her some photos of me growing up with my adoptive parents," says Victoria, "and she was happy but still crying!

Alyss says of her sister, "We live very parallel lives even though we were given very different situations."

It's not just their mutual love of Halloween—of Stephen King, of It and The Shining—that she was fascinated by; they both have bat tattoos—on opposite feet but the same part of the ankle.

Alyss said: "When she sent me that [tattoo] picture I literally just dropped my phone."

They also both have cats and make and sell pet portraits online.

Victoria said: "We both like hiking trails as well, I'm going to show her all the cool ones around here [in Chicago]!"


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