This complete SwitftUI guide will teach you how to build apps for any Apple device

For the past two years, app developers have slowly been warming to the advantages of SwiftUI. Much like its other offerings, Apple sought to make this app development arena a be-all, end-all solution for creating across the wide range of Apple products.  

While every new approach has its growing pains, SwiftUI has spent the 20 months since its birth rounding into form — and with the training in The Complete SwiftUI Developer Bundle, excited creators have an inside track into everything it takes to create a stellar Apple app and be featured across their entire range of devices and operating systems.

The collection is a tight three-course package, filled with more than 21 hours of training in everything it takes to conceptualize, create, test, and market an app using all the tools that SwiftUI offers across all its various platforms.

The training begins with The Complete SwiftUI Developer Course, a top to bottom primer on everything it takes to succeed in building in the SwiftUI framework. In addition to locking in the basics of interface theory and creating great user experiences, this is a practical course as well. Students will get an immersive introduction to SwiftUI by actually creating working apps in this course, including assembling a WhatsApp clone, a Landmark Book app, and a tricky Catch the Kenny game to solidify those newfound skills.

With the SwiftUI Apps for All Apple Platforms, the training expands from not just creating an app but making all the adjustments needed for that app to run seamlessly across all the various Apple devices. Again, this training takes a hands-on approach, challenging learners to build their own HypedList app for the iPhone, then recreate it for use on the iPad, for the Mac, for the Apple Watch, and finally, for Apple TV.

Finally, SwiftUI Animations rounds out the training, offering opportunities to introduce animation and motion into projects for every skill level. Students in this course learn how to animate around different axes before moving on to create a cool marching ants effect, then an animated weather graph, a custom wave shape, and finally an interactive project incorporating sound.

The Complete SwiftUI Developer Bundle collection usually retails for $600, but as part of this offer, it's on sale now for a fraction of that price, only $24.99.