Why do certain people always show up at the top of your Instagram feed? Here's the official word from Instagram

Instagram (owned by Facebook) wrote a post to its blog explaining how its suite of algorithms works to decide what photos and videos to show you, and how you can take more control over what you see. Most of it is pretty obvious (if you like and comment on a person's posts, you see their other posts more frequently than people you scroll past without liking), but I learned a few things about what to do to tune the algorithms.

From the post:

  • Pick your Close Friends. You can select your close friends for Stories. This was designed as a way to let you share with just the people closest to you, but we will also prioritize these friends in both Feed and Stories.
  • Mute people you're not interested in. You can mute an account if you'd like to stop seeing what they share, but are hesitant about unfollowing them entirely. This way, people don't know you've muted them.
  • Mark recommended posts as "Not Interested." Whenever you see a recommendation, whether it's in Explore or in Feed, you can indicate you are "not interested" in that post. We will do our best not to show you similar recommendations in the future.

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