$1700 mini electric Jeep knockoff reviewed

Alibaba is full of wonders, not least this $1350 ($1700 after shipping and customs) 1200W electric "Jeep" from Yongquin Liqian, which makes all sorts of similar vehicles. Micah Toll found someone who had bought one and got them to describe life in the hot seat. You'll need to be very patient with customs officials, need some power tools to assemble it, and might need to do some repairs on parts bent in the crate: "I was pleasantly surprised that there is a horn."

All told, the Jeep is perfect for its intended use – primarily for kids with off-road use while camping. The power is fairly low, though adequate. When used on local roads, I believe top speed is around 25mph (speedometer is less than correct), and while I haven't fully tested the range, I'd estimate that it could go maybe 5-10 miles total on the large lithium battery that I have. That is significantly less than the 48 miles advertised. Who knows, maybe I could get much more range than I'm guessing I will, but in my driving around town I really don't think I could.

Still, I'm perfectly happy with what I received and what it does – it's a medium-sized kids' toy, or a small adult play thing. Fits our needs perfectly and everyone who sees it wants to drive it and have some fun.

I've seen things like this being driven around my neighborhood. They're not road legal, I'm sure, but I figure it's the urban Pittsburgh equivalent of pastel-socked boomers tearing around Florida suburbs in their golf carts.