Brian Williams airs the political ad Fox News would not

Fox News decided not to show the political ad created by MeidasTouch despite the $185,000 the activist group offered. It's understandable though, the ad features truth about the January 6th Capitol riot, showing interviews with law enforcement who were there that day and calls out the GOP lawmakers who voted against the creation of a commission to fully examine how this happened to our country. So, Fox News, not wanting to share that information on their network, even in the interest of capitalism and making a buck, is at least consistent. Why side with facts when the alternative they have been feeding their viewers has been working so well, and been so profitable, since the 90's?

Here is MSNBC anchor Brian Williams airing the ad on his show and challenging the viewers to ask themselves "what isn't factual about it? Which people in it aren't real?". MeidasTouch encourages as many people as possible to retweet their ad, not that the right people will see it or be swayed necessarily, but hopefully the truth has power to reach those who are already forgetting how devastating January 6th was to this country.