How come no one told me about this Playskool Gilligan's Floating Island playset?

I would have been the perfect customer for this Gilligan's Floating Island playset frm 1970, but I didn't know about it until now. It's too late for me to buy it and I wouldn't want it now anyway. But it's fun to imagine how much I would have liked this as a kid.

From the ad:

This is Gilligan's Floating Island from Playskool, with Gilligan, Mary Ann, the Skipper, and the good ship Minnow. It's full of all kinds of things for make-believe. There are places to hide in, a treasure chest to find, a raft, a cave, and a sprinkler to make a waterfall in a pond. And the make-believe ocean can be just about any place you want it to be. Gilligan's Floating Island from Playskool, a Milton Bradley company.

Oddly, the Professor, the Howells, and Ginger are not included in the set. Unraveling the reasons why they weren't could be the subject of many a master's thesis.