Watch a crane truck almost break the famous 11-foot-8 bridge

We love the 11-foot-8 bridge. If you were to ask us what the best bridge in the world is, we'd tell you it's 11-foot-8. We love it for its steadfastness, its loyalty to purpose, and its stalwart refusal to stand down to bullies.

Look at this foolhardy crane truck that tried to challenge the bridge. It succeeded in busting its way under the protective beam set up in front of the bridge itself, and you can even see the train tracks warp when the crane smacks into the bridge. But 11-foot-8 wasn't about to let the brash crane truck get away with such a violent insult to its integrity. It grabbed hold of the crane truck, preventing it from moving forward or backward.

As the maintainer of the YouTube channel remarked, "Ooops… now he has become the only truck to hit the crash beam from BOTH SIDES."

Hurray 11-foot-8! It's so good to see you still standing tall after all these years.

On March 31, at crane truck hit the Gregson St canopener and knocked it around pretty good. The hinge of the crane got stuck between the crash beam and the bridge, and they had to completely flatten the tires of the truck to get it out. The bridge also had to be inspected, so the next train could cross it. It took over an hour to get the truck out, but at least one lane was still open, and traffic is not yet back up to pre-pandemic levels.

[thanks, wazroth!]