Watch climber Akiyo Noguchi crawl across the ceiling

Watch human gecko Akiyo Noguchi at 4:33 in this video climb across a wall that's parallel to the ground. She'll be representing Japan at the 202[1] Tokyo Olympic games.


Tokyo 2020 was a special event for Noguchi. When it was decided that sport climbing would become an Olympic sport in 2016, Noguchi decided to set a finishing line for her career. She announced her intention to retire after Tokyo 2020, and had been training even harder to become an Olympic champion.

"I was wondering how many more seasons I should play. I've won quite a lot of silverware over my career – I won the World Cup series. So when I heard the news, I decided to play for four more years. I'll give everything for the Tokyo 2020 Games and to end my career there. It will be the first time sport climbing is held at an Olympic [Games]. Moreover, it will be held in Japan, my home country. If it was held in another country, or if it were not the first-ever Olympic sport climbing event, I think my motivation would have been different."

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