Here's the "Gray Rock" method for making narcissists go away

Narcissists create drama because they want attention. They can't stand the thought of being ignored. But sometimes ignoring them is not an option. If you must engage with a narcissist, Lifehacker says you should "gray rock" to minimize the drama and make yourself so boring that the narcissist will seek another target.

Gray rocking involves making oneself as uninteresting as possible in an effort to disengage from potential conflict. This isn't quite the same as giving the cold shoulder, though it might seem that way at a glance. Emotional stonewalling, after all, is something that's completely unwarranted when it occurs, while the gray rock method is almost a form of survival.

Some tips for gray rocking:

  • Be "noncommittal and disengaged, but without completely ignoring the other person"
  • Use "vague, one-word answers to most questions" and "keep interactions short"
  • Don't look the narcissist in the eye. Look at your phone or a book instead of them
  • Communicate with text if you can, rather than face-to-face or over the phone