Management hires hitmen to murder workers before they can unionize

From Radio Luxembourg (via Google Translate):

Muriel M., at the head for nearly 30 years of a plastics processing company located near Oyonnax, has indeed sponsored a contract on the head of a " troublesome" employee , a member of the CGT. In any case, this is what she ended up acknowledging in the face of investigators from the criminal brigade of the Paris judicial police on May 6, on the third day of her custody, according to the investigations which RTL was able to take. knowledge.

"Mr. V. actually offered me during a meal to make him [the trade unionist] disappear," spontaneously declares Muriel M. to the police officers at the resumption of his hearing, "which I was reluctant to do. Fifteen days later he recalled (…) he put pressure on me and I said yes. I don't know why but I said yes."

France 3 offers more details, such as the fact that the management found the contract killers through the local Freemasons lodge; that one of them failed in his assassination attempt after contracting COVID; and that another 2 were caught in the act of tailing one of the "troublesome" laborers organizing for the union drive.

Too bad they didn't think to hire the Pinkertons to violently bust their union for them.

Ain: a business manager admits to having put a contract on the head of a trade unionist [RTL]

AIN: hit men in connection with the information needed to kill a trade unionist, a corporate Head écrouée [France 3]

Image: Public Domain via NeedPix