Passenger cruise results in 2 cases of COVID-19

Testing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 led to the discovery that 2 passengers on a Celebrity Millennium cruise, the first major cruise to carry passengers from the United States since the pandemic shuttered the industry, have asymptomatically contracted the disease.

95% of the ship is reported as vaccinated, and all unvaccinated passengers had to present clean tests before boarding. Perhaps being packed into tight indoor spaces is still a bad idea.

The two passengers are in isolation as the cruise line attempts to back-trace their contacts.


Two guests aboard the first major sea cruise hosting Americans since the pandemic halted the industry have tested positive for Covid-19 in required end-of-cruise testing, the cruise line said Thursday.
The two guests, who shared a stateroom on the seven-day Celebrity Millennium cruise from St. Maarten, are asymptomatic, in isolation and being monitored by a medical team, Celebrity Cruise Lines said in a news release.
"We are conducting contact tracing, expediting testing for all close contacts and closely monitoring the situation," the news release said.

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