The stupid expensive massage gun that ends my muscle spasms

My body is a disaster, this Theragun Pro really helps me out.

Muscle spasms really, really scare me. Well managed and I can get through most nights without leaping from my bed to try and get weight on a leg and stop a cramp. If I get dehydrated, forget to take a supplement, eat wrong or stress my musculature wrong — all hell can break loose.

I also try not to sit very often, and video gaming is really the only time I am in a chair. Occasionally particularly stressful engagements in Fortnite will set off spasms and I have to immediately stand up and walk around. When quickly changing position and adding some weight or rubbing the muscle with my hands doesn't work I used to stand there leaning against the wall, crying, waiting for a muscle relaxant to kick in.

Now, I go for the Theragun.

The Theragun is a massager with a long throw on the head and a lot of pummeling. The gun puts lots of waves of impact into the muscle and basically slaps it into shock and stopping the spasm, as far as I can tell from watching lots of videos. I was super skeptical. I have tried other massages and felt they were not helpful. When a good friend who suffers from a failing body told me how the Theragun was really helping her during the pandemic I figured she was nuts.

We both were longing for the time when we could go and get a massage, which if done quasi-regularly will help keep both our bodies feeling and functioning better. The pandemic made that very hard, and she found the Theragun was the next best thing. I was skeptical and pretty certain I'd be spending $500 on a toy that would not enter daily use, I really did not want to accumulate more junk to sit around the small house and piss away that much cash. It took months of cajoling for me give the massage a try.

My daughter, a competitive gymnast, also swears by the Theragun. Her trainers use it on sore muscles. She convinced me to go with the Pro model for maximum punch, and the adjustable massage head angle.

After well over a year of just having my upper back and shoulders all tense, and my lower back and legs a nightmare, I couldn't believe how effective the massager was. It was not the same as going and having a really great massage, but it certainly measured up as a huge improvement.

I also really like using the massager on my carpal tunnel suffering forearms. It works wonders there as well.

Much like my cane, the Theragun has become a tool I keep track of around the house and make sure is charged up and waiting. When both my legs went into spasm last weekend I was in enough pain I thought I'd be headed to the hospital. The Theragun came to the rescue and I made it through the night. My legs were sore for days from the spasm, but things are better now.

I am no longer skeptical.

Theragun PRO – All-New 4th Generation Percussive Therapy Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment Massage Gun via Amazon