Graphic novel about one of the most epic SCP Foundation entries

SCP-5000 tells an unusually epic story for a SCP, in which the secret paranormal-object-containment foundation declares war on humanity itself and a heroic foundation staffer works to unravel why his bosses and colleagues went genocidal. A SCPer's SCP, a tribute to many of the others packed with references to other SCPs, and is now a graphic novel by DRDOBERMANN and Tanhony, the original author. [via The Discordia Culture Shop.]

SCP-5000 WHY The Graphic Novel is a Full-Color Illustrated Comic Book which clocks in at 120 Pages! Printed in the USA, in the Industry Standard Comic Book size Apporx. 7 x 10 Inches [17.78 x 25.4cm]. Litho Printed on 100lb Satin paper stock with sturdy Matte Finish Hardcover. And featuring Thread Sewn Binding! … What exactly is the reason 'WHY' the SCP Foundation has turned against humanity and unleashed the horrors it once Contained? Is this related to the actions of SCP-049? Or is this the very same reason SCP-682 finds humanity so 'disgusting'?  … If this is your first introduction to the SCP Foundation you are in good hands. This Tale serves as a primer for what you can expect from SCP Lore and brings together all of the most loved fan favorites of the SCP Foundation containment files.