NBC's 'Ultimate Slip 'N Slide' hits a brown note

NBC has evidently bowed to extreme pressure and stopped production of 'Ultimate Slip 'N Slide' due to an outbreak of giardia.

Rather than try public patience with 'Ultimate Slip 'N Slide: Explosive Diarrhea Edition' a major network has shown a fear of labor laws and perhaps, during a pandemic, public health. Imagine the advertising tie-ins and co-branding revenues they have passed on.


Production on NBC's upcoming game show Ultimate Slip 'N Slide has been halted indefinitely after a crew member on its set in Simi Valley, California, tested positive for giardia – a microscopic parasite that, when swallowed, causes diarrheal disease.

PEOPLE can confirm the shutdown, which began on June 2 when producers were made aware of at least one crew member's positive test.

At the time, only a week of scheduled production was left on the series, which is set to premiere after the Summer Olympics.

I think NBC can thank the microbial parasite for introducing us to the show. I had never heard of Ultimate Slip 'N Slide but I am hoping we get some 'Slip 'N Slide of The Network Stars.'