Plantation removes racist Juneteenth celebration advertisement, cancels event

Outrage erupted when social media spotted advertisements for the Historic Latta Plantation's racist Juneteenth celebration. Removing the advertisements did not erase the terrible, racist language the plantation used to promote its white people worshipping event.

Charlotte Observer:

The event billing is sympathetic to those who owned slaves in the aftermath of emancipation, and inaccurately minimizes an unnamed slaveowner to an "overseer," referring to him as "massa." The post on Latta Plantation's site also refers to "freedmen" but inexplicably omits that Black people were enslaved in the United States for nearly 250 years. Instead, the museum's site refers to slaves as "former bondsmen."

The description of the event said attendees would hear from a slaveowner who had been chased out of his house by "Yankees" and his former slaves, who were now "living high on the hog," a reference to better cuts of meat, which white slaveowners deprived Black people from having.

"White refugees have been displaced and have a story to tell as well," it read. "Confederate soldiers who will be heading home express their feelings about the downfall of the Confederacy."

The event has also been cancelled.