Save an extra 20% off on five Dad-approved tents this Father's Day

If you really want to make Dad happy for Father's Day, give him the means to get away from it all. The job, the responsibilities, the family … maybe even you! Dad might even be so touched by the gift that he'll forget his natural inclinations for peace and solitude and let you come along.

These five tent options are all great for helping Dad reconnect with the great outdoors while staying safe. And right now, you can save an extra 20 percent off the already discounted prices of these five homes away from home. Just use the code WELOVEDAD during checkout to get the added savings.

For the Dad who travels light

Dome Camping Tent – $99.99 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $139

At nearly 7 feet by 3 feet, this is just enough space for Dad and maybe one more person to stretch out and relax. Made from durable inner and outer PU layers, this dome tent goes up quickly and comes down easily, with fiberglass poles and steel uprights offering extra support. With front and rear entry doors, a pair of mesh windows for smooth ventilation, and a 4-sided mesh shell to keep insects out, it's more versatile than you'd expect from a tent that bundles tight for easy transport and weighs less than 4 lbs.

For the Dad who hates sleeping on the ground

Inflatable Sofa Tent – $99.96 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $149

Why snooze on the hard dirt or the moist, wet sand when you can effortlessly rise above it … literally? This lightweight nylon structure features a nearly six-foot inflatable lounger inside, elevating for maximum relaxation while the overhead canopy keeps Dad safely protected from the sun's rays. If you're worried about popping it, this tent boasts a standard double sewing technique on every suture to ensure the whole structure is absolutely sturdy. It's also simple and lightweight, well suited for a day at the beach or even for some urban camping in the backyard. 

For the Dad who brings the family along

EchoSmile 4-6 Person Pop-Up Tent – $151.99 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $228

Who wants to enjoy the majesty of our world alone? This tent stretches almost 10 feet, with plenty of room to accommodate 4 to 6 people comfortably, so Dad, Mom, the kids, and maybe even a buddy or two can all sleep well.  Made from water-resistant and windproof materials, this tent is ample coverage from the sun, rain, and wind for all outdoor activities with two mesh windows, a pair of large dual zipper doors, and even ceiling vents. And since everybody hates tents that take forever to erect, this one is a pop-up in every sense of the word, springing to full size in literally 10 seconds. Time for a family road trip!

For the Dad who wants to park and enjoy

Extended Pop-Up Car Tent – $179.97 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $379

No need to hike forever into the woods before setting up camp. This extended car tent attaches around the lifted rear window or door of Dad's car for a cozy, portable cabin feel that's like having a comfortable room anywhere the car rolls to a stop. It's constructed from heavy-duty PVC covering for maximum durability and protection from the sun or the elements. Standing about 6 feet high, most loungers can easily stand up straight, while the tent is even wide enough to set up a table and chairs to turn the whole vibe into an office in the wild — in case Dad really needs to be working on this trip. It even has storage pockets to hold a phone or other important items safely. 

For the Dad with a big ole pickup

Pickup Truck Bed Tent – $223.96 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $339

Here's how Dad takes full advantage of a truck bed — by turning the whole thing into a makeshift portable camper. Made from ripstop grade material, this tent is super durable and long-lasting, not to mention sized to fit all types of truck sizes securely. The dome center rises almost 5 feet to offer loads of headroom, while the sewn-in floor means dirt from the truck bed won't get in the tent. A color-coded pole and sleeve system helps get the tent raised in under 10 minutes, and there's also a rainfly from protection from Mother Nature should the skies open up.

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