How to make beef short ribs on a bullet smoker

I have learned a lot watching T-ROY Cooks' Youtube channel on barbecue.

A friendly dude-next-door kind of guy, who feels the need to explain that he is drinking responsibly as he cooks, T-Roy keeps things simple and never sweats it when things aren't going exactly to plan. He is also friends, it seems, with half the Youtube BBQ vloggers and if he doesn't know how to do something, or just thinks a pal does it interestingly different, he frequently features them.

Here T-Roy explains beef short ribs, which I have made several times, and have occasionally turned out too chewy for my liking. T-Roy is using a Weber Smokey Mountain for this cook, which I also have, but his cooking tips are good for just about any kind of pit and he seems to have every model ever made of every bbq in his yard.

T-Roy is certainly a trusted resource for me.