There are more tomatoes in planter boxes and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy

It is tomato time. I think I underfed one of my self-watering containers but it is putting off the most tomatoes of any of my plants.

This is about one-quarter the current tomato biomass in my planters. The thing diminut-ized in the middle is a blood orange tree. The difference in size between the plants seems to be that the shorter set in the background grew flatter and filled the area behind the box, while the ones with more/better tomato cages went straight the heck up.

The Cherokee carbon and the beefsteak tomato vines are each easily over 7' tall now. The sheer tons of tomatoes, and more that are flowering, is staggering.

Speaking of staggering, I also planted several vines a few months after the first set of 6, so there are 2 more coming up about 2 months behind. I have no reason to believe they will not also be super successful and are both forgotten heirloom types now over 4' tall.

I have Fuji apples in Venice Beach. Probably 8-12 on the tree right now. We potted Franchesca the Apple Tree, as my daughter named her, on July 4th, so she hasn't even been here a full year.

The satsuma mandarin tree was potted in January. It has a lot of lovely fruit on it already, but my neighborhood is like a citrus grove. My lemon tree is similarly putting off lots of fruit, and was planted just over a year ago.

Blueberries are looking good, but still bitter and crunchy. The bushes are growing nicely tho, so there will be a lot more next year.

Corn looks like it may be a thing, but the squirrels got at all my sunflowers — so I have THE FEAR. Possums got at my onions.

We are entering into the baking direct sunlight time of year, so things will get interesting.