Arby's cashier fired after calling customer "f**" on receipt

John Burns and Craig Gray headed to the Lafayette, Ind., Arby's last week and got a surprise on their receipt: the word "fag", typed in by the cashier as a customer note. The server was fired "on the spot" after they returned to the counter to complain.

Burns said the cashier chalked up the incident to a "computer glitch."

"I showed him the receipt," Burns said. "I said, 'Look at this. What is this? Why would you do this?' And that's when he tried to give me some lame excuse about a computer glitch, where he said 'Sometimes I'll put in a name and it will come out different on the receipt.'"

Burns said he asked to see the manager, who refunded the couple's order and fired the cashier on the spot.

An Arby's statement followed:

"The franchised employee was terminated within minutes of management becoming aware of the incident … the company has zero tolerance for discriminatory speech of any kind."