Doom running on an Ikea lamp controller

UPDATE: The creator removed the video and article from the internet: "Sorry I had a request to remove this post and all public material :(" [Reddit]

The controller inside Ikea's $35 Trådfri lighting controller is good enough to run a hacked-to-fit Doom. Just crack it open, tear out the board, attach a $10 display — and a few other inexpensive bits and bobs — and you're off to the cacodemon races.

We ported Doom to the Silicon lab's MGM210L RF module found ni the IKEA TRÅDFRI RGB GU10 lamp (IKEA model: LED1923R5). The module has only 108 kB of RAM so we had to optimize a lot the RAM usage. The module has only 1 MB of internal flash, therefore we added an external SPI flash to store the WAD file, which can be uploaded using YMODEM. The display is a cheap and widespread 160×128 16bpp, 1.8" TFT. UPDATE: In the github repository we have removed the mip-mapping on composite textures, with no performance penalty, so graphics will be more detailed than what is shown in this video.

More detailed instructions are at Hackaday.

UPDATE: Corrected to make clear it's a lighting controller, not merely a lamp. Also, the video and instructions have all been taken off the web, for some reason.