Entire Waffle House pitches in to get High School graduate to the ceremony

High school graduate and dedicated Waffle House employee Timothy Harrison was going to work through his graduation ceremony. When they learned of it, his co-workers and manager lept into action!

Like the Super Friends, they teamed up to get Timothy geared up and to the big event!


It was early last week when Timothy asked his boss Cedric Hampton if he could have last Thursday off for commencement.

"Of course," Cedric said. "It's your big day!"

Last Thursday afternoon, Cedric was hard at work when Timothy walked into Waffle House dressed for work. Cedric immediately asked him what he was doing at work and not at his Woodlawn High School graduation.

"I don't have any way to get across town to Crossplex for the ceremony," Timothy replied. "Besides, I wasn't able to get tickets for my family because I was working and didn't complete all of my senior activities."

That's when Cedric Hampton and his fellow employees went to work.

Read the full article for an A-Team like mission to get this fine young man a gown, tickets, slacks, a tie and across town in time for the graduation!