Paintstorm Studio is a godsend for digital painters, and it's on sale for $15

Digital painting has truly become an art in itself. Even with artists like Andy Warhol creating digital art on a Commodore Amiga back in the mid-80s, digital painting has mostly been a kitschy bit of artistic fun, not stuff to be regarded as a true masterwork. 

But much has changed over the past decade. Technology has advanced to the point that the brushstroke of a skilled painter can truly be translated to a digital canvas, leading to an explosion of acclaimed digital artists producing work virtually indistinguishable from a physical piece. Heck, you can even sell digital art now for more than $69 million

That's accomplished today with the stunning work possible through apps like Paintstorm Studio, a program created especially for professional digital painters. 

And the abilities of Paintstorm Studio go way beyond simple digital sketches. A digital painter is only as successful as their brushes, so with Paintstrom, artists get a vast array of dozens, even hundreds of brush options to create virtually any effect that an actual brush can do.

Just like the work of an actual human hand, brush strokes in Paintstorm have customization options that can reproduce virtually any individual style or flourish. From full volume bushy brushes to tight bristles, artists have a full range of abilities, including stroke corrections, masking, color-blending, and more.

Brushstrokes are modified via vector graphing, allowing artists to create strokes that can do virtually anything, including effects impossible to recreate in an actual painting. Of course, there are also real-world techniques that Paintstorm can reproduce digitally to brilliant effect, including a dirty mode which spreads color from the last art of the canvas a brush touches, just like actual oil paint.  

There are even some efficiency tools artists will appreciate, ranging from a way to automatically use correct perspective in a work; or an intelligent fill tool that reacts perfectly while adding color around outlined objects.

Sporting a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating among Mac users and hailed by Creative Bloq as "the best digital art software for creatives in 2021," artists can try out Paintstorm Studio now with this lifetime subscription for only $14.99, 20 percent off the regular price.

Prices subject to change.