The TREBLAB HD-Max is a booming Bluetooth speaker with powerful, satisfying volume

The biggest frustration most Bluetooth speaker owners face is when they realize their speaker is completely inadequate for serious booming. They may be perfectly fine for casual, indoor listening, but if you're taking the speaker outside or trying to boost your tunes over the dull roar of a party, you'll need extra horsepower on the table. 

A big, loud speaker that can absolutely delivers both indoors and out, the Treblab HD-Max Bluetooth Speaker was built to show itself off. 

At first glance, you know the HD-Max is formidable. At a foot long, this rugged speaker gives off definite boombox vibes. It's even equipped with a carrying strap, so you can sling it over your shoulder or across your back for easy transport. Meanwhile, the outer chassis is IPX6 water-resistant, protecting the unit from water damage anywhere you take it. 

But of course, the real magic of any speaker is its sound, and the HD-Max delivers with its powerful 50W speakers spitting out thundering sound. It features three different sound modes: a more subdued indoor mode, a more energetic outdoor mode, and a bass boost mode that'll deliver some ground-pounding beats with a sound that's both loud and multilayered.

Connecting wirelessly from up to 33 feet, the HD-Max also sports TWS technology, allowing it to pair up with another HD-Max to further enhance your audio reach and really take the party to another level.

The long-lasting battery doesn't hurt either, delivering up to five hours of music at 100 percent volume or up to 20 hours if you ratchet the volume down to just 30 percent. It also works as a power bank, supplying pass-through charging via a USB-C port, delivering power to other USB devices even while it recharging its own battery.

Right now, you can save over $25 off the price of the Treblab HD-Max. A $189 value, this powerful Bluetooth speaker is now on sale for only $161.99.

Prices subject to change.