Watch: "Magnetic" anti-vax nurse sounds much better when accompanied by a piano

Conspiracy theory nurse Joanna Overholt comically tried to prove last week at a hearing that Covid-19 vaccinations make us "magnetic." To do this, she performed the ancient school-yard trick of pressing metal to your skin and watching it momentarily stick. She got a key to naturally stick to her chest for a second or two before it dropped. "Explain why the key sticks to me," she said.

"It sticks to my neck too," she continued. But that trick failed miserably, dropping like a lump of lead as soon as it touched her skin, so she quickly swapped it for a light-weight bobby pin. That, too, instantly fell. The only thing missing from the farce was silly music to accompany her.

But pianist Mat Eisenstein (who we've posted about before) quickly filled the void. Two days after her spectacle, we were treated to Eisenstein's mini-musical – or piano accompaniment – that funnies up her unedited words (followed by the raw footage below for comparison's sake). Now the farce feels complete.