A pilot glides close to an Oklahoma landspout tornado to capture this amazing video

A pilot circled an Oklahoma landspout tornadao in his glider, getting incredibly close to shoot this video. David Evans, who told The Washington Post he's been flying for around 30 years, hasn't come across something quite like this before. "[The thermal] was raising me up at about 100 or 200 feet per minute," Evans said. "Then all of a sudden that vapor funnel started forming. It was going down and down and down, but there was no turbulence. I just kept flying around that thing."

From HuffPost:

Landspout tornadoes "tend to be much weaker and shorter-lived than their supercell counterparts, with wind speeds rarely exceeding 100 mph," according to the National Weather Service.

Sunday's landspout was "not that threatening," said Evans, who was hitching a ride on a thermal updraft in his motorized glider when the funnel appeared.