Check out the difference between a 20-cent shoeshine and a $2 dollar shoeshine in Pakistan

Karl Rock is a New Zealander YouTuber who now lives in Delhi, India. He recently went to Pakistan and got his shoes shined by two different people. One guy charged him 20 cents (the going rate for locals) and the other guy charged him $2 (the going rate for a tourist who wants to haggle is $1). Both people did a great job cleaning Karl's shoes.

Shoes get dirty quickly while travelling in India and Pakistan, so I show you how to get your shoes cleaned by shoe shiners on the streets of Lahore. First, I'll show you one honest gentleman and then the average shoeshiner who will try to charge you as much as possible. Shoe shining costs around Rs. 30 in Pakistan, but as a foreigner, you'll probably pay Rs. 100 – Rs. 300 PKR after bargaining.