The best burger and fries in Los Angeles come from a food truck

I saw the Heavy Handed Burger truck in my neighborhood several times before I tried it. The food is absolutely spectacular. If it is near you, and you consume burgers and fries, visit Heavy Handed.

These fine folks make amazing burgers with ground short rib as their beef. They also appear to liberally use beef tallow in the cooking and fry their ABSOLUTELY PERFECT french fries in it as well.

Beef tallow seems to be the magic fat going around these days. I buy it in large tubs and use it for brisket, frying foods and sautéing vegetables, in place of butter. Smoked beef tallow is also very good. Frequently I save fat trimmings and make my own, but the Wagyu tallow seems to add a better mouth feel.

That said, rendered duck fat is really the best way to go if you want to make fries. Rendered duck fat potato chips are also a thing.

ANYWAYS… Heavy Handed burgers are amazing. The potato bun is fantastic, their 'heavy' sauce is slightly tangier than regular Thousand Island glopped on a burger and called 'special,' and all together it is just fantastic.

My cardiologist father tried one and barely mentioned his arteries!

Check their Instagram for ever changing locations around LA!