This gel seat pad makes a bad car seat comfortable, and taller

This Purple folding seat pad had fixed the drivers side seat in my Ford truck, for me.

I have a notoriously terrible back and sitting has long been a challenge. Road trips are also a big part of my life, so a comfortable car seat is a big deal. Initially I thought the soft and couch-like bench seat in my F-150 XL (the cheapest model you can find) would be OK.

I was wrong. Ford's bench seat is too soft and I seem to sit too low.

Purple to the rescue!

I already love my Purple mattress and pillows at home, and they have helped my body a lot. I decided to try their folding "most portable" model as I thought I might actually want to move it around. The seat pad works fantastically.

The folding pad is really two smaller pads with a bit of gel material as a hinge. It is covered in a nice case with some slip-proof bottom beading. I simply put the pad underneath the seat-covers I already have on the cheap cloth seats in the truck. I have not removed it once since placing it, so the less mobile version would be fine.

My seat gained a little height that I did not know I really wanted, but I do. Also, the pad firms up the seat but relieves pressure in the right spots on my rear and lower back.

Thanks to Purple, Summer's long road trips will be much easier on me.

Purple Foldaway Seat Cushion via Amazon