This shimmering LED floor lamp can bathe your room in 16 million different colors

Did you use to have one of those torchiere floor lamps in your college dorm room? Or is there one standing vigilantly next to you now as you read this? Those straight, upright lamps found their way into every home, almost like they were part of some Invasion of the Body Snatchers-style alien takeover scenario.

Well, home decorators have found some new alternatives to crafting their own 21st-century lighting solutions. And while those torchieres could only pump out bright white light to radiate around the room, new contenders like this Protean Corner LED Floor Lamp from Floately don't stop at bright white. They bring over 16 million different colors to the table.

With its minimalist design and standing less than 5 feet tall, it's easy for this lamp to disappear into a corner, against a wall, or somewhere inconspicuously around the edges of a room. 

But this lamp is only inconspicuous when it's turned off. When fired up, the energy-efficient LEDs kick into overdrive, offering a whole range of lighting options to brighten up your room. For those looking for the more traditional vibe, the floor lamp can definitely play the hits, shining its evenly lit, indirect white light best from its high-quality aluminum with a sleek metal finish body.

But the light at the heart of this beast is an LED, which produces photons of various wavelengths on the light spectrum, resulting in vibrant colors — we're talking an absolute armada of potential color options. In fact, this lamp can shower any room in up to 16 million different colors, all programmable via the included remote control.

While you can bathe your room in majestic purple, soothing green, or aggressive red, there's also a color rotation mode that allows users to adjust the color, speed, and shifting pattern mode of the light to best suit the vibe you want. Maybe all you need is a kaleidoscope of constantly morphing rainbow colors to truly set off your room in a whole new way.

The Protean Corner LED Floor Lamp retails for $149, but right now, it's on sale at almost half off that price, down to just $79.99

Prices subject to change.