U.S. West bracing for "blowtorch-like" heatwave. Death Valley could reach 129 F

It's only 98 degrees (37 C) here in LA as I write this, but our friends in beautiful Las Vegas are enjoying 114 F weather with a Wednesday forecasted high of 116 F. Meanwhile Death Valley is 119 in the shade and weather forecasters say it could hit 129 F this week. Get ready for wildfires, power grid failures, water shortages, and heat death.

From Axios:

  • In addition to the Las Vegas record, statewide high-temperature records for Arizona (128°F), set in Lake Havasu City, and Nevada (125°F), set in Laughlin, could be in jeopardy.
  • California's Central Valley region is likely to see temperatures in the triple digits throughout the week, and even downtown Los Angeles could experience triple-digit heat on Tuesday. Areas in the San Diego, L.A., and San Francisco metro regions could see triple-digit heat lasting much of the week.
  • "Critical" fire weather conditions are forecast for Tuesday night in Santa Barbara County, as well as portions of Nevada, Utah and Montana. Vegetation is at record-dry levels across many parts of the West amid an extreme drought.
  • More than 20 large wildfires are already burning in Arizona, California and other parts of the West.