Anti-vax TikToker is so far right she accidentally joins the left in hilarious video

Confused TikToker Samantha Rose, aka @conservativerose1, goes so far right during a Covid vaccine rant that she joins the other side, unwittingly advocating for socialism. "If giving out free Covid vaccine shots is the health of the nation, then why don't they give out free chemo?" she asks her viewers, snarky Karen style. "Why don't they give out free insulin? Food for thought: if the government really cared about people they would make stuff like that for free."

Uh, yeah. Welcome to universal healthcare! Commenters had great fun with this. From Daily Dot:

TikTok user @goodtrouble_ stitched the original post, responding with a palm-to-face and adding: "That's socialism," followed by a grin and sigh. "Socialized medicine, anyway. Yeah, we want that too.

"Listen, I don't care that it took you kind of a circuitous way to get here, as long as you've arrived we're glad to have you. Bernie stickers are around back, you can pick up your hair dye and your Pride flag. Welcome aboard!"

TikToker @theclwill commented, "She ran so far right she wrapped all away around to the left."

Rose's original post has since been deleted from her own account, but not, of course, from the rest of the internet.