New video demolishes Joe Manchin for "standing with racists"

A new video by author Don Winslow excoriates Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV). It accuses the conservative Democrat of standing with racists for refusing to support the expansive voting rights bill. It compares him to racist state troopers in 1965 Selma, Alabama. "June 2021. The state troopers are gone. Replaced by this man," the narrator says, cutting to a threatening-looking, gun-toting Joe Manchin. "This man is single-handedly blocking the most important legislation in the history of this country."

And later the narrator asks, "Why would Joe Manchin, a supposed Democrat, be on the wrong side of the bridge? Why would he stand with racists? Why would he vote to suppress Black voters?"

And the simple answer to that is, "Joe Manchin can count." With white people making up 93.9% of West Virginia and Black people a mere 3.4%, "Joe is on the wrong side of the bridge."