Make your video calls look more professional with this LED ring light and tripod

Eighteen months ago, how you looked on your video conference calls probably wasn't really much of an issue. Heck, how many of us were involved in regular video calls 18 months ago? Now, it's a different world. Whether you're back in the office or still working from home TFN, Zoom meetings are likely here to stay in one form or another.

That means it's more than past time to get a simple video call setup that's worthy of professional meetings, telemedicine appointments, game streaming, calls to Mom, and more. The Ergopixel Desktop Tripod Stand with LED Right Light is a compact, easy answer to that problem, effectively packing the pieces of a mini production studio into one desktop piece that gets the job done.

Designed for professional PC and mobile streaming, this stand has an adjustable height of up to 6.5 feet with a positively tiny footprint that won't dominate a desk, table, or counter space. The phone holder locks your phone into place with 360 degrees of rotation, so you can shoot in either portrait or landscape mode.

The light casts white, yellow, or warm yellow shades to best match your specific lighting aesthetic. There are also 10 different brightness levels to help strike just the right glow so you never look dark and shadowy or harsh and blown out.

From live streaming to video recording to selfie-taking to just an alternate indoor lighting source, this is a versatile, simple piece of equipment that can instantly elevate the quality of your video. And with its sturdy metal construction, it should provide years of service whenever needed.

The Ergopixel Desktop Tripod Stand with LED Ring Light is regularly priced at $59, but right now, it's on sale for about $10 off. That drops your final price for this all-in-one home studio lighting kit for just $49.95.

Prices subject to change.