Save over 30% on these sidelights that act as turn signals for your bike

You can probably guess the most dangerous moments a cyclist faces when they're out on the road. About 75 percent of serious or fatal bike accidents happen in urban areas at or near road junctions involving turns. And in those horrible crashes, police point to one main contributory factor in those accidents over and over again: either the rider or a driver didn't properly look.

As a bike rider, it's vital to make every effort to make sure they're seen on the road to avoid a potential disaster. And the traditional hand gesture turn signals, while helpful, sometimes aren't enough to attract the attention of a distracted or just absent-minded driver. WingLights are a fast, simple means of putting a spotlight on a rider's presence on the road, an attention-grabber that makes their intentions clear while alerting drivers to help avoid those serious accidents.

These lightweight, durable, waterproof turn signals mount to the ends of your bike's handlebars, emitting a bright amber flash when riders are about to make a turn. With a single tap, the WingLights offer 360-degree full visibility that vehicle drivers will spot. This ultimately allows you to pass at a safe distance. The lights can either flash during the turn or can be left on to serve as sidelights while holding the button.

The WingLights are engineered to survive life on the road, made from high-quality anodized aluminum, machined with a shockproof design to remain in service for years. The battery boasts similar longevity as well; it's rechargeable via USB and lasts 3 hours of continuous use, and it has a recharge time of under 30 minutes.

These lifesavers are crafted for easy installation and fit almost any bike, whether the bike has straight or curved handlebars. They've registered an impressive 4.5 out of 5-star rating from more than 100 Amazon customer reviewers, with one user thanking the WingLights for "literally saving my life."

The WingLights Bicycle Turning Signals by CYCL are on sale now at more than 30 percent off their retail price, available now for just $54.99.

Prices subject to change.