Aliens or technical glitch? A Fox anchor's strange on-air silence is baffling

Was Fox anchor Charles Payne's mind abducted by aliens today? Or were the 20 seconds of bizarre silence in which his eyes kept looking up, as if he was seeing something that was invisible to the rest of us, merely a technical glitch? He finally broke the silence not with words, but a stuttering slur as if he were trying to spit out a thought but couldn't. Finally the woman he was interviewing asked, "Did I lose you?"

That seemed to snap him out of it. But when he tried to explain, saying, "I got ya, I got ya now. I think someone was…" he was abruptly cut off, replaced with a commercial. Viewers most likely sat on the edge of their La-Z-Boys, waiting for the commercial break to end so they could hear from Payne or someone else at Fox about what the heck just happened.

But no such luck. When the show resumed, Payne sat in silence, perhaps propped up with invisible space lasers, as the show went on around him. Not a word about his strange behavior was mentioned.