Get a lifetime of Rosetta Stone, access to exclusive cheap flights, and more travel hacks for under $160

While the world is finally emerging from its year-long COVID slumber, it's only emerging gradually. Even though more people are venturing outside and making short trips here and there, many are still a bit reluctant to travel too far from home. And sometimes, decisions like staying away from Indonesia make a whole lot of sense.

So far, world tourist travel for 2021 is expected to be down about 85 percent, but before you know it, the world will be back to full speed and running with reckless abandon again. The World Traveler Bundle ft. Rosetta Stone can give you a headstart, with the background, travel hacks, and communication skills needed to reach every corner of the globe and thrive once you're there.

This package includes a collection of resources, including a pair of memberships all geared toward streamlining world travel and making the trips a richer, more rewarding experience from start to finish.

It all starts with The Complete 2021 Travel Hacker Bundle, a 13-hour collection of training covering everything a soon-to-be global jetsetter needs to know. From solo travelers to couples to families, this instruction includes all the tips and strategies for getting the most out of world travel, including spanning the world without spending an arm and a leg. From snapping great travel photos to understanding the local traditions and customs, this course sets up any traveler to embark on that next big journey.

To enjoy travel, you've got to be able to get there, so this package also includes a three-year premium membership to Matt's Flights. Matt's doggedly tracks flight deals all day, every day, so the second a crazy offer drops, they let their members know. With Matt's, travelers get all those awesome deals, 1-on-1, 24/7 flight and travel support, and instant access to other great money-saving offers from the company's partners.

As for getting around and enjoying a foreign country, you'll have much better luck with the language learning skills from this lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone under your belt. 

Trusted worldwide as one of the most reliable online language training programs, users can choose one of 24 different languages and immerse themselves in the award-winning interactive software and proprietary speech-recognition technology to learn, then speak a new language quickly. Travelers can learn basic conversational skills for shopping, ordering meals, finding transportation, and more, and with a lifetime of access, all the training comes at your own pace.

Right now, the three great services at the center of The World Traveler Bundle are available at almost 90 percent off their regular price. And when you use the code TRAVEL20 during checkout, you can take another 20 percent off the already lowered price, making your final cost just $159.20.

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