Go back to 1962 in this Bell Telephone film from the Seattle World's Fair

Two perky teenagers ride the monorail to the 1962 Seattle World's Fairgrounds, enjoying the many exhibits there. If you are wondering why they seem to be inordinately interested in the Bell Telephone pavilion, it's because the film was made by Bell Telephone.

The "Bell Boy" was a pager that beeped when a caller entered a special code on their phone. The Bell Boy would beep, and you would have to call your office or home to receive the message.
This phone accepted plastic punch cards with phone numbers stored on them. To make a call, just insert the card and press a button. No dialing needed.
I like the exhibit design and the film's simple straightforward explanations of the innovations.

This 15-minute film was apparently featured on Mystery Science Theatre 3000, but I have never seen an episode of MST3K because I didn't like the robot silhouettes and commentary spoiling the movies.